Handy Articles I needed after Upgrading to Windows 10

06 Apr 2016, Posted by Future IT in Articles
windows 10 handy articles after Upgrading

So Microsoft decided to automatically upgrade my Windows 8 to Windows 10 the other day….. of joy…. and ofcourse my multi-thousand-dollar perfect computer which had been running PERFECTLY started to muck up…. lots….. and lots….

I run a HP Z230 Workstation for those in a similar circumstance!

Windows 10 hanging and crashing- Blue Screen of Death  DPC_Watchdog_Violation


I did not have “IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers” or “iaStore.sys”  but opened Storage Controllers and found my SATA RAID Controller used “iaStoreA.sys” I did the below

  1. Click Driver -> Driver Deatils
  2. Change iaStoreA.sys to iaStoreAV.sys


No sound after Windows 10 Upgrade



Whats Next? Hopefully Nothing!

To be continued I’m sure…………………… 😉