Social Media Marketing- How to loose Customers + Facebook Friends 101

08 Nov 2012, Posted by Future IT in Articles

I am sad, and getting a tad frustrated, at some of my  beloved Facebook friends for flogging their businesses non-stop with constant posts from their personal profiles….


So for all of you, here’s a bit of free Social Media Marketing Advice:


Many of you are probably doing yourselves more harm than good. How many of these people are actually your businesses target market?? 5%? 10%? What about the other 95%?? Yes, some friends may be there to support you, but for how long if you keep taking up so much space on their newfeed!? Is it worth annoying the majority of your peers?


I’m here to tell you (again) that Facebook/Social Media marketing is very DIFFERENT to your usual channels, you must be more subliminal with your methodology. There are most certainly exceptions to this rule but generally, unless you have a product that  EVERYONE wants or uses, you simply cannot just keep shoving your latest deals in peoples faces!! Nor constantly bragging about your company’s (or individual) projects/achievements!!! We don’t need to hear this everyday! Or every week even!?


We know you are proud, but Facebook users really want GOSSIP, current affairs, innuedo, FREE STUFF and mostly just to see what their mates are up to.. because they are bored! They do not want to be reminded ‘daily’ on their ‘personal’ profiles (especially from another personal profile) that we still haven’t gone to personal training to lost those kilos we swore we would, or that Christmas is a few weeks away and we have not bought gifts yet.


This type of direct promotion should make up a max of 15% of your total posts.


If nothing else, do your poor old mate’s a favour and stop being so agressive, particularly from your personal profile. “Passive” is the word here. Try some useful lifestyle posts that will get people interested. Tips, advice, industry news, photos, anything but the pushy “BUY ME” or  “do it NOW”….. (AARRRGGGHHHHH!!).


Author: Sharon Peaty – Future Information Technology. All rights reserved.