Cleaning Hacked Websites


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We are experts at detecting, cleaning and securing hacked WordPress Websites (and various other platforms including Joomla).

In this day and age hackers are extremely active in using algorithms and bot which routinely scan websites looking for vulnerabilities and guessing passwords.



There are 1000’s of ways they can gain access to your website to:

  • Steal your user data
  • Steal client information
  • Use your domain to send spam (ruining your domain and business reputation in the process)
  • Embed viruses and spyware which your visitors may inadvertently download
  • and more

We offer one-off packages to clean and restore hacked websites and are generally available to start immediately to secure your website.

We also offer ongoing WordPress Monitoring, Maintenance and Update Packages to ensure your website is secure. These packages are almost like an insurance policy, if subscribe to one of our packages and your website does get affected by a threat, we will detect it, remove the threat and resolve at no additional charge.

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Why choose Future IT as your website developer?

  • Under no circumstances will your whole project be farmed off overseas to cheap offshore agencies – we are not a cut-price website agency.
  • With us, you talk direct to the website developer… no middle men, no communication issues.
  • We pride ourselves on getting the job done right the first time.
  • We’re not going anywhere and will be here for support your business into the future. We have been operating in Sydney for over 15 years and going strong.
  • Take advantage of our seamless partnership with Future IT Hosting, offering packages with our 99% uptime guarantee.
  • No call centers or support queues, direct support when your business need it.

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